[DhakaTribune] From rebel to philosopher

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Towfique Ahmed’s musical voyage 

Many things in life inspired Towfique to become the artist that he is: the moral discrepancies he saw in the society, an inner urge for speaking the truth, but above all, music itself inspired him. And it still does.

That is why many years after beginning singing and rapping as a recording artist, Towfique Ahmed or ‘ck toff’ can go on creating music.

An UK trained barrister and currently teaching law at the American International University-Bangladesh, Towfique comes from a family that encouraged arts and music from an early age. In fact, his parents’ insistence on taking the tabla lessons, the recitation classes kind of irked the young Towfique at first.

But soon he grew up to appreciate his upbringing and love artistic expressions, mainly through his own brand of hip-hop music. Since then Towfique went on to recording two full-length albums with his ‘alternative hip-hop’ outfit Rajotto, and then to singing in many commercial songs, and currently recording a solo album.

Source : https://www.dhakatribune.com/feature/youth/2019/03/31/from-rebel-to-philosopher