[dhakatribune] Towfique and Roddy to release new music video

After a six-year-long gap Towfique and Faisal Roddy’s band ‘Rajotto’ is releasing music video of a new song titled ‘Nodi’. The song is written by Towfique and Faisal Roddy and the music is arranged by LMG Beats. The director for the music video is Saiduzzaman Shiplu of Redmark Films. The music video is set to be released on YouTube today. Commenting about the track Rajotto said, “The song reflects questions, dilemmas, dissatisfaction and remorse of the urban life.” Written in a ‘kobigaan’ structure, a traditional Bengali folk music form, the song depicts the crises of modern life first and then talks about the solution. Rajotto has so far released two studio albums, the eponymous ‘Rajotto’ in 2010 and ‘Dashotto’ in 2014. The duo was last seen in a music video together for the song ‘Desh o Durniti’ in 2011.

Source: https://www.dhakatribune.com/showtime/2017/12/11/towfique-roddy-release-new-music-video