[TheDailyStar] Towfique Ahmed: An ode to Bangla rap


Long before he garnered popularity as one of the pioneers of Bangla rap, Towfique Ahmed was introduced to the art of poetry and music by his father from a very young age. Influenced by the tutelage of poetry along with tabla classes, and later drums, he developed an understanding between rhyme and rhythm. Little did he know, that his childhood lessons and his cadet college grooming, would one day strengthen his foothold in a genre that far differed from what he was learning.

Having featured as a guest artiste in two different albums while residing in the UK, Towfique finally released his first self-titled album Rajotto along with his band mate Faisal Roddyin2010, under the banner of Ektaar Music. Songs like Bidrohi and Protishshruti among others, resonated well with the fans. Often, his meaningful and patriotic lyrics possessed a quality that served as a voice for the voiceless. And that in turn, helped Towfique carve his space in the music industry. To this day, he tends to cultivate that philosophy. Apart from the harsh realities of life that Rajotto’s rap lyrics reflect upon, they also nurture a melodious side, evident by the variation in their music.

His next venture was with popular music director Adit. Khepa Gaan became an instant hit upon its release. Following the success of Khepa Gaan, the duo paired up again along with rapper ABD for a track called 52, based on the Language Movement of Bangladesh. Needless to say, it too was a favourite amongst listeners.




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